Trust Audio Video creates the Ultimate Home Theater Experiences

The thrill of a car chase. James Bond is driving. You’re riding shotgun. The awe and menace of Darth Vader’s arrival on the second Death Star. With a home theater system installed by Trust Audio Video, you can experience the greatest cinematic moments of all time the way the film’s Director intended. 

Trust Audio Video specializes in creating the ultimate home theater experience for you to enjoy. When installing a new audio video system, we can integrate your home theater system with TVs, projectors, or a drop down screen.

Our invisible cabling will connect to all audio and visual devices. We can also connect gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation, Blu-ray players and more to a single Universal Remote. 

We also provide recommendations so that you can get the best possible experience out of your new home theater setup. 

Trust Audio Video enables you to get the most out of your personal home theater experience. 

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Trust AV – your destination for home Theater installation. 

We make sure that you get the perfect home theatre system for your needs. We also help achieve the perfect ambiance for your home theatre setup.

Our team of experts specializes in automated shade systems, allowing you to control lighting and temperature with just a push of a button. Automated shades provide superior convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency, creating the perfect ambiance for a home theatre viewing.

Whether you’re looking for blackout curtains or motorized window treatments, Trust AV has exactly what you need. Our selection of automated shades includes top brands like Hunter Douglas, Lutron, and Somfy Motors – offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

At Trust AV, our goal is to ensure that every customer gets the best home theatre installation experience. That’s why our team of professionals provides personalized solutions tailored to your home and your needs.

We understand that installing the perfect home theatre system can be an overwhelming process. But with Trust AV, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll handle all the details for you – from start to finish. We can install according to your specifications and instructions or help you design the perfect home theatre system from scratch. 

Trust AV is your one-stop destination for home theater and automation needs. We make sure that you get the perfect home Theater system that meets all of your requirements, while offering superior convenience and comfort with our automated shade solutions. Our team of professionals provides personalized solutions tailored to your needs, so you can rest assured knowing that we’ll handle all the details from start to finish.

Ready to get started on creating the home theater of your dreams? Contact us today and let Trust AV take care of all your home theater installation needs! Questions? Feel free to reach out via email at or call us for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trust AV – making home theater installation easy. We can work in a perfect solution for any living space, indoors and outdoors included, taking into account the ceiling height, wall and door positioning, sound and ambiance and more. The result is always beautiful and amazingly comfortable. Get the perfect home theatre system today. Get in touch today. Trust AV – your home Theater and automation experts. 

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