Smart Home Control 5G Wireless Networks Arrive in Canada

Powerful 5G wireless networks in Canada pave the way for connected smart home control and the Internet of Things

5G wireless networks are coming online globally. In 2020 some Canadians were able to use 5G on their smartphones for the first time.

smart home control

Unlike 4G wireless networks, 5G can handle a larger number of connected devices on a single network. This paves the way for sensors that monitor road traffic conditions, and connected smart home control where homeowners will be able to turn on their oven, Air Conditioner, and other appliances by using their smartphones.

Another innovation of 5G networks is their ability to facilitate faster upload and download speeds, enabling remotely controlled cars and other technological innovations. This is accomplished through a reduction in lag times, and will make response times from input in the virtual world to a real world environment nearly instant.

At Trust Audio Video we are ready for the arrival of 5G wireless networks in the GTA. Our founder, Mike Pham, has more than 20 years of experience providing homes and offices with affordable and reliable AV services.

With the introduction of 5G networks our company can give you more control over your home and work environments through installing smart lighting systems, automated shades, HVAC systems, and more.

We’re making powerful connectivity in the GTA easy.

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To learn more about 5G in Canada, you can read this article from the December 31 st , 2020 edition of The Globe and Mail.